I regularly run workshops on a variety of Finnish handcrafts & I also teach how to cook Finnish cuisine.

Next workshops (in Leipzig):

18.03.2018 (12:00-16:00) / Himmeli-workhop for beginners

25.03.2018 (12:00-17:00) / Spring-Himmeli Workshop for your spring festivities

23.-24.06.2018 (TBA) / Flower crown workshops at “Midsommertanz”-Festival

Please get in touch via email for more information and to reserve a spot: sara@practicaliti.es.

Would I be able to arrange a workshop in your town/for a party of yours? Absolutely! Get in contact and let’s hammer out the details together 🙂


Are you familiar with Finnish Himmelis?

A Himmeli is a traditional Finnish ornament, which incorporate many beliefs, magic and history in Finnish culture. For hundreds of years, Himmelis have decorated the Finnish homes, hoping to bring its’ owners happiness, riches and a good harvest for the next year. 

The modern Himmeli has many forms and styles, but a Himmeli casting it’s silent, moving shadow on the ceiling, is one of the most impressive examples of Finnish craft heritage. The delicate Himmeli in it’s silent dignity is unparalleled. 

Flower Crowns

Though flower crowns are quite very common today — worn in weddings, birthday celebration, concerts and the likes — they are not actually new. They have been worn as “natural jewelry” for thousands of years, all around the globe. The history of these decorative headpieces is most commonly known to be related to art and Greek mythology, but in Nordic countries they’ve become decorative staples of our summer celebrations. In old times, the delicate accessories served as a common adornment for occasions held specially for honoring the Norse gods.

Today, flower crowns are worn by women in their wedding ceremonies to enhance their feminine appeal and beauty. But these lush and lovely headdresses are not just for weddings: they are perfect for concerts, birthday parties, festivals and any other occasion in need of a little bit of tradition and beauty.