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Bills restaurant and bar in Brighton

Of short and sweet in Brighton

We only spent two days in total in Brighton but, as I had been yearning to visit the city for so long, we really tried to make the best of it in such a short time.

Shops at dusk in Brighton

Now, if you are staying in Brighton for longer, I’m sure you can explore some other locations, but for benefiting from the best in the centre, I think we did a pretty good job. I imagine the secret locations, hidden gems are a bit farther outside the centre. But on such a short notice, we had no chance to look into them. So if you’re looking to have it short and sweet in Brighton, then look no further!

We stayed at the Ibis Hotel at the train station (as they are very dog friendly!), which is right around the corner from The Lanes; a shopping, eating and drinking area well known for it’s narrow lanes and quirky offerings.

So here goes, Sara’s Top Whatever “less-than-24h-in-Brighton-or-maybe-48h-depends-on-how-you-count-it” tips to Brighton! (but actually mostly just The Lanes)

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A view back to Brighton from the beach

Of ferry travel and Brighton beach

I’ve always wanted to visit Brighton – ever since I was 12 and laid my eyes on the glossy EF language course brochures for the first time, longingly flipping through the pages of smiling, laughing intercultural teenagers having the time of their lives in Great Britain. (My mother never let me go.) 

Your Practicalities author on Brighton beach

Through some series of unfortunate events – which now seem rather fortunate, I inadvertently got a chance to finally visit some Brighton. I did some research on the city quickly at the hotel: apparently some say Brighton is “a London suburb”, but others say it’s just really gay. Because there is a significantly present and visible gay culture and community and it’s Britain’s LGBT capital. Which sounds great.

So, it started as we took the infamous ferry to Newhaven from Dieppe: boy what a mess it was! This is kind of the first recollection of the many, many troubles we had when traveling.

While we’re very appreciative that DSDF carries pets over the canal, we got such uncoordinated customer service – even more so when coming back. Both DSDF website and customer service person over the phone told us to bring our own crate, which we did.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had to travel with a crate for medium size dog? Albeit foldable, I can assure you it is big, bulky, rather heavy and overall annoying. But you know, you do what you gotta do.

We were told we need to be there strictly two hours beforehand and everything seemed somehow extremely complicated, like we would be denied boarding for the smallest of petty reasons.

We got to the port 1,5h beforehand – and I was stressing out that we were so late! – and turned out that we were there way, way too early. There was hardly even any staff to talk to, so we just put Musti in the crate, expecting for someone to arrive shortly and take the dog away to be loaded on board. When somebody finally came, we were told that the dog is actually loaded on board exactly the same time as we, people passengers, are. Oh and by the way, you needn’t bring your own crate, either! There’s a big one for doggies right here!

Internet said that there is wifi on board – which there of course wasn’t. Otherwise, I was quite impressed by the ferry itself, very big and fancy. The weather and the sea however, was outrageous – the trip took way longer than it was supposed to. I got very sea sick and threw up twice and it was horrible.

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Waking up in a hotel room

Of waking up in hotels

a tanka poem;

this morning, perfect

fresh sheets, entertaining feed

food network, great coffee

chinese leftover breakfast

the highlife, sweet sweet highlife, yes


Waking up in Brighton Ibis hotel

P.S. There’s a guide to Brighton beyond our hotel room too!

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