Spring has been taking giant leaps in the last weeks. It’s as if every morning a new flower, a new tree is in full blossom. That’s also the reason there’s been a bit quieter blog moment.

I’ve taken Musti out to the forest for longer and longer walks, breathing in the scents of the new life.

In my neighbourhood, the beautiful, nearby river gets a makeover with the spring: the bleak water is no longer so bleak with all trees along it getting all dressed up in leaves and blossoming flowers. Somehow even the colour of the light is different, there’s a clarity and brightness everywhere you go. With each blooming branch, the smaller canals have a slightly jungle-like feeling as the long, rope-like branches reach out to the water. The river and the canals start to smell like sea, even though there’s salty water nowhere to be found.  

People and cities in Finland tend to come to life in a very different way in spring. I’ve lived many springs in France and in Germany, however it doesn’t compare to the Finns.

Germans probably to get their Frülingsgefühle but it’s not quite as crazy as it gets in Finland. In France, I hardly noticed the difference in people’s mindset.

Even after years of living abroad, I still get the vibes we Finns do. That curious, buzzing feeling – a bit like butterflies in your stomach, but not quite. The alertness, excitement – anticipation of summer. Because the coming summer? It’s going to to be the best summer EVER. (but of course, it never is – the anticipation and expectations are always better than the real thing)

The dreams of the summer never have any of the bad stuff: nettle burns, ants at the picnic, mosquito bites, BBQ sauce stains on white blouse. The beer is never warm, it’s never too hot and you never sweat that much. You don’t get sand everywhere if you go to the beach.



I also tend to have ludicrous amounts of energy during spring. I wake up early and full of energy, but can’t seem to channel it productively. I want to go out, spend time outdoors, go out even more, see friends, especially sit on terraces and drink endless amounts of beer. I want to stay up late and wake up early and experience everything, all at once.

So this spring has been true to form and following the previously mentioned tradition. The weather has been like a bride – warm and beautiful (as we say in Finnish). The weeks are filled with sun, outdoors and events. Usually there’s music – sometimes a gentle breeze. Always cold beers and if exceptionally lucky, some African BBQ action.

One of these perfect spring experience was last week – I had one of my dearest friends over all the way from Finland. We did everything that goes hand in hand with a good visit: had too many drinks in smoky bars and sunny terraces, disregarded reason when it came to bedtime and biked through the city and the canals in blazing sunshine.

For the Ascension Day, the whole city of Leipzig went outdoors: the weather was sunny and blissful and every single park was buzzing with people and music. It’s one of those days when the offerings are so plentiful, that you just float and trail form an event to another, picking up more friends at each location. Perhaps a little hungover, from all the beers at the smoky bars the night before.

It felt like the perfect preview for summer, with all the spring energy we had garnered. As if every single day of the summer would be like that, warm, soft and affectionate and full of friends.

When the weather started to cool down the longer the shadows drew along the green park fields, we wrapped up the day of music, park dancing and wandering around and slowly floated home. We climbed to bed that night early, exhausted but will full hearts.

I hadn’t slept that well in weeks.