The Author & This Blog

Hi, I’m Sara. I’m a household nerd. Welcome to my space for all things home and tradition: creative, crafty, and practical. I’m native to Finland, but since leaving the land of a thousand lakes, I’ve moved through Europe and have finally settled (for the last few years) in Leipzig. In Leipzig, I spend my time with the man of my dreams and two cats, working on Practicalities, and fueling my love for rainwear, as evidence by my extensive jacket collection.

Practicalities is a lifestyle blog, if being practical is your lifestyle. Here, you’ll find affordable, accessible, and high quality solutions to everyday problems. You’ll discover housekeeping tips, clothing care and repair, cleaning life hacks, party decor ideas, and more. It’s my hope that you’ll use this space to fall in love with the lost art of handcrafting and housekeeping through my words and advice.

In addition to life hacks, you’ll find an abundance of tradition here. Traditions mark our lives. From Grandma’s apple pie to your favourite Christmas ornament, traditions are the way that we connect to past generations in our culture and families. This means so much to me, going back to my roots and learning more about the traditions that touch us, and I hope to share that with all of you in this space. So, in this blog, you’ll find all types of Finnish, German, and European traditions of food, crafts, and history. Here, you can embrace your roots or learn about the culture and traditions of others- open yourself up to the history and you might find something you really enjoy.

Practicalities is a space for crossing Europe by train, hunting mushrooms, mending rubber boots and storing truffles. It’s curing clay pots, roasting reindeers, harvesting aronia and hosting the perfect party. Let your curiosity lead you and you might stumble on a few beautiful things you never knew before. I can’t wait to share all of this with you.