I do remember my mother using an ironing spray when I was little – it was just regular Helsinki tap water in this bright orange, old and worn out spray bottle we kept next to the ironing board.

It wasn’t before I was 18, and a clueless little au-pair in Paris, when I learned that there are fancy people in this world with beautiful and specific linen waters which smell like Provence in a bottle: lavender, verveine, orange blossom, rose petals, cedar wood and cotton flower.

And oh how I wish I was one of those fancy people but alas – I am not.

You neither? Don’t worry! Let’s enter the world of DIY and make one ourselves!


Is a linen water unfamiliar to you? Why would you use a linen spray?

  • Better ironing result
  • Laundry smells great
  • Spray it gently on clothes between washes to remove creases and freshen them up
  • Ironing is less tedious when it feels a little luxurious and you’re surrounded by fabulous scents (also, you feel like a fancy person)

Now, if you are wondering why should you iron anything to begin with, that’s worthy of a whole other post. But as a quick note: I iron some of our bed linens and towels so the linen cabinet stays neat and organised – especially the heavier fabrics don’t really fold that well without ironing. Additionally, stains don’t stick so hard on pressed fibres and especially the pillow cases don’t shed textile dust so much.

If you are into making your own household products, you should also check out my post about DIY scented laundry booster.

What you’ll need for your linen spray:


  • Disinfectant tablets
  • Small jar with tight-fitting lid
  • 4-6 tablespoonfuls of witch hazel or vodka
  • Essential oil: f.ex. cedar wood or neroli
  • Distilled water
  • Small funnel
  • Spray bottle
  1. Start by disinfecting the spray bottle, jar and its lid and the funnel and any other equipment you are using! Since the liquid will store for quite a while, you want to avoid it growing bacteria: it’s not dangerous if it does, but it might alter the smell and is overall quite unsightly. The tablets I use can be used with cold water and you basically just soak the items there for 20 minutes – however, follow the manual of your product and use tongs or a fork to pick them up to avoid contamination!
  2. Mix witch hazel or vodka (I used witch hazel) in the jar with the essential oil of your choice – neroli is my personal favourite. Make sure the lid is tightly closed and shake it vigorously until the essential oil has dissolved into the liquid. If it seems they are not mixing, add a little more vodka/witch hazel. As the oil won’t mix directly in to the distilled water, this step is crucial!essential oils in witch hazel
  3. Open the lid to the jar, add in a little distilled water. Replace the lid, and shake again for 15-20 seconds to combine.
  4. Pour both liquids in the spray bottle, shake well but gently for the final mix.

Let’s get ironing!