I know we’re approaching the end of January… but still – Happy New Year, everyone!

Today I’m sharing you a little “craft tutorial” of sorts. Basically I just want to remind you that mending is easy, cheap and everyone can do it!

I’m going to kick-off this year by starting a series of posts about mending. This is the first part: we’re fixing up sweaters with holes on the elbows with some awesome DIY elbow patches.

The sweater in question is a classy marine cashmere sweater – it’s one of my favourites as the comfort and versatility is incomparable. However, it has unfortunately two huge holes on the elbows.

And here I am, wearing a completely different cardigan. But still with elbow patches.

Let’s get started.

You don’t need many things:

  • Fabric for patches
  • Yarn to darn the hole with
  • Yarn to sew on the patches with
  • Pins & a darning needle
  • Good scissors
  • Optional: a darning aid (a wooden egg or a mushroom or similar)
  • Start with darning the hole. The hole will be covered by the patches, so the colour of the yarn and the overall look is secondary. Just make sure there are no loose ends.
  • Make the patches: I recommend using a piece of paper or cardboard as a stencil to get an even result. Cut the patches from the fabric.
  • Pin the patches on the sweater. Model a bit for the perfect spot and make sure you pin identically. You can check it by folding the sweater in half with the sleeves on top of each others.

  • Attach the patches on the sweater: I recommend using the blanket stitch. In my opinion, it creates the cleanest, most refined look and doesn’t show wear.
  • Done? Great! Your amazing new sweater is ready to be worn! Stay warm.

Super easy, right?