Part 1: In the forest

A dear friend came for a visit a while ago. Her name is Ama. We are quite different, yet somehow the same. I guess that’s how a lot of friendships work – you see a bit of yourself in them, yet you learn so much from it. Ama is a curious lady in many ways – young and complex, gentle and determined. I admire those qualities in her.

She has dark hair and bright eyes and a whiff of seriousness about her: impeccable posture and a calm presence. But she’s also full of fun and laughter, with a curious and lively eyes.


On top of all that, she has a brand new, shiny sportswear brand: Népra. Elaborately thought-through and beautifully simple, yet never boring. Sourced and manufactured in Europe. I’ve had Népra’s clothes for a few months now and I can say it without any hesitation: I’m a huge fan.

(TL;DR: There’s a discount code at the end.)

It’s full-on summer in Leipzig – everything is hot. I’ve been sweating a lot, hanging out in the garden, taking naps and struggling to finish any project. A break in routine is more than welcome. Ama has been planning to visit me for a long time and I’ve been eagerly awaiting new Népra pieces, putting together one-by-one my perfect exercise wardrobe. I want to hear the whole story from Ama.

Upon her arrival, we go out with Musti, breathing in the smell of wild garlic and the forest. It’s mid-day and quiet. “But why did you start a sportswear brand? Seems pretty random.”, I ask, picking some wild garlic shoots. It will be a pasta sauce later on. Ama thinks for a bit. I open a beer. I love beer drinking and dog walking.

“Hmm, I guess the disheartening experiences I had with my own gear. My life had been increasingly revolving around exercise and I loved it. But the clothes couldn’t keep up with me, they wouldn’t follow me where I wanted to go – they were rather obstacles than assistants to my performance.”, Ama says. “I’d say that’s where it stems from.”

Part 2: At the gym

We’re at my Crossfit box, Crossfit Deluxe. It has a familiar smell – rubber and sweat. Concrete parking lots and old Leipzig industrial buildings spread out into the distance outside, in bright sunlight. We’re ready for a good workout.

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