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Month: February 2015

loft apartments in leipzig

Of the first of many

I spent a week in Leipzig, on a secret mission.

Right now I’m a bit overwhelmed by all of it, so I’ll be just sharing too many photos, like a photo diary. I hope the pictures and impressions are worth the 1000 words they often are claimed to be. If it’s true, these pictures should be worth 74,000 words. That would be a lot of writing.

I have a funny tendency or a habit to visit places during the winter.

It means that all my travel photos are generally with grey skies and naked trees and muddy grass. People shivering with big scarves. Mushy, muddy, dark waters.

Even sunny days have this grim feel to them – with the blinding bright, almost violent sunshine, exposing every crack and trash on the streets and the tall skeletons of trees.

It lacks the softness of spring and summer – the warmth, the tenderness.

Some of the beauty of Leipzig and everything I saw probably won’t translate through the pictures, but I hope some of it will.

What an astonishing city it is.

Of techno parties and local beers

The title says it all. Some unexpected Finnish techno in Leipzig and a few new friends? Musti has a dog sitter and I’m ready to stay up past midnight.

Trying out a few local beers, too. Both recommended!

Don’t wait up!

local leipzig beers


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